GROUP CLASS: Tai Chi Energy Class (Qigong)
Currently  planning classes for fall 2019  –

Medical Qigong sessions by appointment (currently available)

Medical Qigong

for Metabolism, Energy flow & Immune System

A holistic, multi-tiered approach across the energetic spectrum. Medical Qigong will: open energy channels, invigorate circulation, alleviate pain, stimulate immune response, reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

The goal is to help YOU better understand the energy flow in your body, find peace through mindfulness, and to forge noticeable changes that will improve both the quality and length of your life.


Featuring  Classical Chinese Medicine 

For: Chronic conditions, Recovery from illness, Metabolic tune-up

IMPROVES: Circulation, Metabolism, Overall Health, Mindfulness, Stress/emotion Control

Call now to start on a path of Healing Transformation  862 266 2070



Sunday July 14th Master Jou Festival Wantage NJ.

Circle Walkin’ Qigong: Energy Circulation for Health & Healing (Sunday, 3:50 to 5:00)

Instruction: MARK S. GALLAGHER (

Description: BAGUA Circle Walking, when practiced as Qigong, creates a joyous, meditative and relaxed state of awareness. The gentle circles can stimulate Qi flow to specific organs and meridians, relax the body, and calm both mind and emotion. By applying the principles of Qigong (breath, balance, movement, mindfulness) to this ONE Simple Circular Practice, you’ll gain new insights into your energy work (whatever the method). A fun and informative workshop exploring energetics.


Class sessions EVERY System in Your Body can benefit from Qigong Practice.

Class is for beginners & enthusiasts, and features the graceful energy of Qigong & Tai Chi for health and vitality.

Qigong is the study of energy in the human body. Qigong practice can serve as a powerful catalyst for change, to connect us to the core of our energetics and chemistry.

Qigong is the most effective way to exercise and heal. The movements are gentle, easy to learn and safe. The practice improves health by focusing on the flow of vital energy (Chi) to work out blockages, regulate blood pressure, and calm the mind. Qigong helps one ‘feel their body’ and the energy dynamics within. It starts with breath awareness and once this skill is understood & applied, practitioners’ can reach higher levels of health and healing

Considered a secret of youthfulness, the practice integrates body, mind & spirit to improve: agility, balance, circulation, concentration, heart/lung activity and is extremely effective for relaxation, stress reduction and mindfulness.

‘Healing’ is not a single event, but is an ongoing process occurring in the alchemical essence of our metabolism. – Just like a positive attitude. Each person has the capability to change and transform. How far depends on many factors. The question becomes: can one reach deep within to find the will power and strength to initiate the process of change and revitalization and go beyond the limiting paradigms of expectation, opinion and self-doubt?

Come Join our small friendly, fun group,  as we explore many sides of Qigong practice.

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April  15 – May 6      Four guided discussions
Meditation & Mindfulness  an exploration into applied consciousness  
Meditation develops our capacity to relax, replenish and tune-in on ‘what’s really important’. It is the universal tool of health consciousness, and with dedicated practice, can awaken our intuitive sense of universal connectedness. Mindfulness is the ability to apply the relaxed focus attained through meditation to calm the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Mindfulness also helps us to understand and accept transition and ultimately transformation. Monday’s 7:30 PM    4.15 -5.06  Institute for Spiritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave., Sparta NJ



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