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About Mark Gallagher, Sparta Tai Chi & Vitalitydvds

Mark Gallagher is a Qigong health & fitness, educator and enthusiast. He holds doctorate degree in Medical Qigong and has been studying Chinese health practices for over 20 yrs.

Sparta Tai Chi offers: Tai Chi & Qigong Energy Class, featuring gentle movements and breath work of our original ‘Energy Fountain Qigong‘ method, designed to connect individuals to the energy of Qigong without the burden of lengthy study of forms. This class is based upon energetic understanding and practice.

Vitalitydvds.com, offers: DVD’s and books on: Qigong Fitness, Zen Meditation, Weight Loss & Nutritional Healing. Titles available: ‘Qigong for Energy‘, ‘The Truth about Weight loss’, ‘Qigong for Weight Loss’, ‘ZEN POWER Training for Athletes and Martial Arts’, ‘Arthritis Relief with Therapeutic Qigong’, and ‘Super Back Relievers w/balance exercises’.

Mark’s ‘ZEN POWER Training‘ Zhan Zhuang workshop, was a featured presentation at the National Qigong Association (NQA) Annual Conference 2014 in King of Prussia PA.

Mark is a member of the: National Qigong Association (NQA) and USA Health Preservation Association. He is a student of Grand-Master Teachers: Dr. Christopher Viggiano, Dr. Ted Cibik, Jiang Jianye, & Yuzhi Lu.

Mark is a devoted practitioner of Qigong energetics & Taoist Yogic practices including: Ba Gua, Wild Goose Qigong, Animal Frolics, Zhan Zhuang Standing Meditations, Sun & Yang Taijiquan.

Mark follows the ‘Three D’s of Qigong’ practice: Diligence, Dedication & Daily. He is a spiritually minded individual following a ‘path of kindness’ and a member of ‘the Institute for Spiritual Development’ in Sparta NJ.

Mark is also a Holistic Weight Loss & Nutritional Health enthusiast, and has produced two DVD on weight loss, and offers several DVD’s and books on Nutritional Healing through VitalityDVDs.com.